Beartronics J2ME Libraries

This is a collection of useful tools I have written for the Java embedded systems platform, loosely called J2ME. The tools below are written for both the CLDC and MIDP target profiles, to run on mobile phones which support this standard. A Java mobile-phone runtime which can support the graphics and network functions will be able to run the Picobrowser.

In addition to MIDP, I have some applications, as well as the NTT DoCoMo IAppli platform (currently only used by cellular phones in Japan in the DoCoMo i-mode service). For more info see my i-mode projects pages.

Cuddly Bear

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I have a number of projects in various stages of completion. Currently you can download

For downloads of source code, see the SourceForge project at, it has been named Proteus

This stuff is currently licensed under the "Artistic License", although I am considering moving to the Ghostscript License at some point.

I haven't put the projects into CVS on SourceForge yet. I'll do that when anyone actually wants to work on it collaboratively.

Henry Minsky